Safety Bulletin

Avoid Burns From Cement or Concrete

Extra safety precautions are needed around cement and fresh portland cement concrete. Any cement product when mixed with water, including ready mixed concrete, is highly alkaline (caustic) and can cause skin irritation and burns. Take these simple precautions to avoid needless injury.

  1. Keep cement products off skin — Experienced cement workers protect their skin with boots, gloves, clothing, and kneeboards. Skin injury may result from clothing that has become wet from cement mixtures.
  2. Do not let skin rub against cement products — Many cement products are abrasive. Rubbing increases the chance of serious injury.
  3. Wash skin promptly after contact with cement products — Quantities of water will help wash away cement particles and help neutralize alkaline solutions.
  4. Keep cement and cement products out of eyes — Many construction workers use safety glasses. If any cement or cement mixtures get into the eyes, flush immediately and repeatedly with water and consult a physician promptly.
  5. Keep out of reach of children — Keep children away from cement powder and all freshly mixed cement products.



Hazardous ingredients:

Ready-mix Concrete is a mixture of sand, water, cement, and various admixtures. It may contain small to trace amounts of any or all of the following:

3CaO,SiO2      CAS #12168-85-3
2CaO,SiO2  CAS #10034-77-2
3CaO,A12O CAS #12042-78-3
4CaO,A12O3Fe2O3  CAS #12068-35-8
CaSO4,2H2O CAS #13397-24-5
SiO2 CAS #60676-86-0
Formaldehyde CAS #00050-00-0
Naphthalene Sulfonate CAS #37293-74-6
Calcium Chloride CAS #10073-52-4
Calcium Nitrite CAS #13780-06-8


Physical/Chemical Characteristics:

Ready-mix Concrete is nonflammable and non-explosive.

Fire and Explosion Hazard:

None. Ready-mix Concrete is non-flammable and non-explosive


None. Ready-mix Concrete is stable with no known chemical incompatibilities. Hazardous polymerization will not occur and there are no hazardous decomposition products.

Health Hazard Data:

Wet, unhardened Ready-mix Concrete can dry and irritate the skin and can cause contact burns.

First Aid:

Irrigate eyes with copious amounts of water and get prompt medical attention. Wash exposed skin with soap and water immediately after contact.

Waste Disposal Methods:

Hardened Ready-mix Concrete is non-hazardous and may be disposed of as a common waste.

Personal protective equipment:

Eyes: Use tight fitting goggles when danger from splash-up exists.

Skin: Prevent contact with exposed skin. Use barrier creams, impervious gloves, boots, and protective clothing when working with unhardened Ready-mix Concrete. If contact occurs, wash the area with soap and water immediately.