Why Nudura


“Excellence in Concrete” award from the NNECPA (Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association) Project: Private Residence in Perkinsville, VT (shown above)


Stringent Building Regulations and pressure from building owners to create energy efficient buildings has made thermal performance more important than ever. It is important when selecting construction products that the overall thermal efficiency is taken into consideration. The thermal efficiency of a building and its thermal mass performance ultimately dictate the ability to minimize the energy used in heating and air conditioning. NUDURA ICF Products allow mechanical equipment to heat and cool the structure more efficiently.  

  • The Thermal mass that is created with NUDURA ICF Products and concrete can offer R-Values of up to R-50
  • Largest Standard Form on the market – 8’ X 18” (12 sq. ft of wall area in one step).
  • NUDURA Folding Forms ship flat with our unique hinged folding web
    design – saves on labor and shipping costs.
  • What sets us apart, (see images below) T-Forms, 90’s, Custom Radius Walls, 45’s, Brick Ledges.


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First Net-Zero School in the US