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Rosetta Hardscapes accurately creates the look and feel of nature in any application you imagine. This boutique line of precast concrete landscape products truly amazes even the most discerning craftsman or homeowner. Rosetta’s diverse product lines are produced using wet-cast concrete with integral color, giving them the most natural, multi-toned appearance on the market today. What truly sets Rosetta apart in the hardscape industry is the richness of shapes incorporated in each product line. All Rosetta products are inspired by and modeled after natural stones. Every Rosetta product is engineered to exacting specifications that ensure your project will stand the test of time. From the proven durability of wet-cast concrete, to the engineering backup and resources available to help design walls, Rosetta products are built to last.

You will find many resources for Rosetta Hardscapes products under the Design & Engineering tab at Rosetta Design & Engineering pages are updated regularly as new information becomes available:

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“We looked at several different retaining wall materials, but Rosetta products caught our eye—the way they went together, the variety of blocks, and the variety of ways they could be used…”
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“You’ve taken all the problems that I had in the past with natural stone and elimanted them. Rosetta is consistent in thickness, not porous like natural stone. Installation is a lot faster and out performs natural stone at a better value.” – Jason Reeb, Natural Stone Distributor


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