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Naturally textured Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks are made from architectural grade precast concrete which creates durable retaining walls that will stand the test of time. Each massive Redi-Rock block weighs more than one ton each, which means you can build tall retaining walls with minimal excavation and often no geogrid reinforcement. You can build even taller retaining walls using Redi-Rock’s patented geoconnector.

Redi-Rock Int. is pleased to announce its 2016 Design Resources, which are now available online and some in hard copy. The following resources are now available:

Design Charts and Installation Manuals: Download Resources

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“Thanks to Redi Rock and Carroll Concrete they have made a block that matches the rock we have in the northeast. I can’t say this enough, if the ground work is done right and take no shortcuts, the blocks will go together perfectly and the untrained eye cannot tell where the blocks connect together.” Jim Spaulding, Home Owner

“I told him I didn’t think he’d get the job done in time with natural stone and that I could save him a lot of time and money if he would consider using Redi-Rock. I showed him some brochures and photos of what we could do, and he said ‘absolutely,’” Casey Scavone said.
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