Sustainable Building


Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete is a serious answer to a serious problem. That problem is that our land is drying up. Not only are we experiencing climate change but now 35% to 70% of our construction sites are being covered by paved surfaces and roofs as urban sprawl continues to dominate the landscape. The result is that our aquifers are dying of thirst.

Pervious Concrete can contribute to LEED credits for decreasing impervious surfaces on site, reducing the quantity and increasing the quality of stormwater runoff with Credits SS 6.1 and 6.2.

When one thinks of stormwater runoff and drainage issues, concrete rarely comes to mind…until now. Pervious Concrete is your environmentally friendly stormwater runoff Solution.. read more.


What does Green-Star mean? The program centers on concrete-specific environmental management systems, enabling producers to implement and monitor stronger pollution control and waste reduction measures. The NRMCA Operations, Environment and Safety Committee’s Environmental Task Group has implemented Green-Star in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Carroll Concrete owns 3 of the 5 Green-Star certified plants in New Hampshire.
  • Carroll Concrete proudly owns all 3 of the Green-Star certified plants in Vermont.
  • There are just over 300 concrete plants Green-Star certified world wide.

As the one building material that is always produced in proximity to its use in buildings and infrastructure, ready mixed concrete greatly reduces the environmental impact of material transport by minimizing fuel requirements, energy consumption and emissions for transportation and handling. In addition, as a made to-order material, concrete construction results in less building waste…read more.